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Bongtech Solutions is a creative Graphic Design Company in Kolkata. In today's competitive age, companies strive to sustain their businesses by having exclusive logo, brochures, and social media graphics designed. Graphic design plays a crucial role in business branding and profitability, allowing companies to reach their target audience effectively. Customer happiness is our main goal at our business, and we are dedicated to producing designs that satisfy customers. We collaborate closely with our clients to adapt designs to their unique business requirements and make sure their firm succeeds. Through our collaborative approach, we cater to all design needs at reasonable pricing, offer ongoing support, and produce speedy turnarounds. Since they are our top priority and their contentment keeps us going, we work hard to give them the finest service we can. To create the design, process it, and deliver it to you, we can make great progress.

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Social Media Graphics

Our talented graphic designers create excellent, unique, amazing, and imaginative concepts for graphics. We design layouts for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. Graphics include various types of illustration and Animated videos. All photos, videos, and other content are handled with care by us. We are ready to build your brand with visionary graphics and effective Digital Marketing Tools.


Bongtech Solutions is the Best graphic design Company in Kolkata. Our service includes creative social media graphics, brochures, and logo designs for businesses. We deeply understand our customers’ needs and create innovative and impressive designs to drive better business results. Also, we maintain timely delivery of design projects.

We charge a very budget-friendly amount to all customers. Always try to give our best to make their business strategy successful. Right now we don't have any packages for Graphic Design, so depending on their needs, we charge them.

Graphic design is incredibly important in the modern world for several reasons. Graphic design services help businesses communicate their messages concisely and effectively with their customers. Whether designing engaging social media posts or eye-catching banners, well-executed design captures attention and entices people to take action, ultimately driving sales and business growth.