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Website Development Company in Kolkata, Only Road for Success in Business


Website Development Companies assist business houses with robust growth through online presence and the introduction of business in the global digital world. The concept of the local market is disappearing very fast. It is a limitless national and international market for playing for both big and small players. The playing coach is the website development company in Kolkata that guides the business houses with their intelligence, latest techniques, market perception, etc.

FAQ for Website Development Companies may be Summarized as Under:–

Why Website?

It is the gateway to the national and international markets through which you can have a limitless market to compete.

Why Website Design and Development Companies?

Every competition needs a guide to compete and website design/ development companies play the role of a guide. They develop websites as per your requirement so that your introduction to the vast market is impressive and remarkable.

What Functions do Website Development Companies Do?

They design websites as per your requirement. They develop websites with your growth in business, diversification of business, the introduction of new products, launching of new services, etc. website development company in Kolkata edit, rectify, add, and delete information about your business as per your instruction from time to time and mostly these services are available free of cost or with minimum cost.

How Much Time is Needed for Website Development?

It depends on the requirements of your business, usually, it takes 3-4 days to develop your website.

How Much Cost is Incurred?

It is competitive for all website development companies and as per industry norms, however, for special requirements, it may be charged extra.

What Services do Website Development Companies Offer?

Website designing/ development, mobile application service, e-commerce service/ digital marketing, and many others. 

What is The Role of a Website Development Team?

Team members of a web development company in Kolkata perform planning, testing, analysis, programming, and many others to make the website user-friendly.

How to Select the Right Website Development Company?

1. Go through the website of the Development Company

2. Check the team, whether it consists of the following personnel:–Business Analyst, the translator who translates your dream into reality Product Owner, the decision

  • maker who knows ins and outs of the project and user understands the client’s requirement

  • Developer, the actual performer who programs, write codes, and builds products

  • Quality Assurance Engineer, a perfectionist who verifies the developed product whether it meets all the required specifications

  • Designer, the mind reader who cares about the user’s experience of the developed product

  • User Interface Designer who is responsible for the satisfaction of the product in the market.

  • The architect is the wizard who is responsible for design choices, reviewing codes, and approving design quality.

3. Check the present clients of the website development company and their level of satisfaction.

4. Check whether it delivers products as per schedule.

5. Check for any reference you get for the development company

6. Check whether it is pocket friendly.

Bongtech Solutions is a web development company offering all the above-mentioned services. Make an appointment with our experts and know us along with know yourself i.e., your acumen, your appetite for business, and your inner power to lead the market and convert your dream into reality.


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