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Mobile Apps and its Development in Kolkata, a Growing Demand


Mobile Application development companies in Kolkata are creating software for smartphones, tabs, etc. and there is a massive gap between demand and supply in this market. The basic principles of mobile app development may be summarized as under –

  1. To identify the purpose of the App.
  2. To identify the competitors
  3. To find out the target audience
  4. To choose the best platform to launch
  5.  To create a strategy for marketing.
  6.  To choose the method of development
  7. To establish a mobile app development team
  8. To fix a timeline with a specific goal
  9. To make changes wherever necessary
  10. To test the mobile development app with frequent FAQs

All the above features are taken care of by tech-savvy people of a mobile development company in Kolkata and beyond the

We try to focus on mobile application development company in Kolkata and we draw an analogy between mobile application development companies in Kolkata with those of other places.

Kolkata like other metros is a cosmopolitan city with a good number of IT companies operating from this city. Mobile usage in this city is growing rapidly and hence important mobile development apps are in good demand. Unlike other cities, Mobile App Development Companies in Kolkata are cost-competitive. There are skilled technocrats who can compete with those of other places. The workers are well conversant and up to date with the latest technologies. The scope of creating customized mobile apps and their development is enormous.

Types of Mobile Apps –

Native Applications

Built on Integrated Development Environment, easily customized but costly.

Hybrid Apps

Developed on HTML, JAVA, etc, cost-effective, created faster but not feature-rich like native apps.

Progressive Web Apps

A website looks like a mobile app, developed with web technologies

Encapsulated Apps

Runs with a container App created quickly but with some problems.

Framework and Libraries

Reused written codes to accelerate the creation of mobile apps.


Our lifestyle has changed a lot with the advancement of technologies and life is stale without mobile and the use of different apps in different sectors. Starting from WhatsApp to Uber, people are dependent solely on the apps for day-to-day life. Renowned companies are opting for installing lucrative apps for promoting their brands so as to get a huge escalation of their top line in financials. There are a good number of mobile app development companies in Kolkata that create customized apps from scratch and assist start-up units as well as established organizations with their tech-stack people, and innovative people who understand the needs of the hour.

The Company acts as a partner of your business providing app strategy sessions, consulting, designing, and maintenance of the mobile app for post-launch.


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